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The goal of Clean Current is to remove marine debris from the environment, find creative ways to redirect the debris from landfills, and raise awareness about marine debris through jewelry and other art. 


15% of profits go directly towards cleaning and protecting our oceans. 

In 2020, Clean Current donated funds to three organizations doing important work to protect our oceans: the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the Ocean Conservancy, and the Ocean Legacy Foundation


My Story 

Jewelry making has always been a part of my life. During elementary school in Truckee, California, my favorite trip was one to the bead store where my mom, sister and I would spend hours collecting beads for making jewelry. 

I now work at a marine science center in Sitka, Alaska and have become increasingly concerned with the cleanliness of our oceans. My ‘bead store’ is now the ocean, and I love that I can clean beaches while collecting plastic and other debris as materials for my earrings. 

My hope is that every time someone wears a piece of Clean Current Jewelry, they will feel connected to the ocean and be reminded to take care of it. 


Meet Mango! Studio cat and number 1 fan of Clean Current. Mango loves walking across the studio desk, especially while the soldering is underway, and knocking plastic on the ground with her tail.


Mango is always up in the action and is usually the biggest distraction of the jewelry making process. That said, my studio time wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without her!


I encourage you to conduct your own cleanup and post a photo on instagram tagging @cleancurrentjewelry AND send in a piece/pieces of plastic or glass from your cleanup for a custom pair!

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